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The Circular Food Economy of Alameda County


Autumn Apple Salad

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More Ways to Get Food

Learn more about where food is available and how to access it within the ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy!


Learn about our regenerative agriculture and permaculture designed farms, farmer training, farm expansion, and more.



Find out how we’re incubating and supporting local food entrepreneurs as they create prepared meals and lightly processed produce.

Living Wage Jobs

Discover the living wage jobs we’re creating within our local food system, including farm, farmacist, and delivery specialist jobs.


We’re redirecting edible food to those who are food insecure and composting inedible food on local farms for reintegration into the land. Find out more.

Our Virtuous, Local Food System

A Circular Food Economy grows nourishing food, designs out waste and pollution, regenerates natural ecosystems, keeps economics local, and prioritizes equity. The Alameda County Circular Food Economy engages people, organizations, and County agencies in a virtuous cycle that feeds into the wellness, sustainability, food security, community resilience, and economic empowerment of Alameda County. 

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