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The Alameda County Circular Food Economy relies on food hubs to collect, prepare, organize, and package for sending out into the community. It all comes together in places like these. Keeping everything running are our re-entry Farmacists who receive living wages to help get good food ready for the people of Alameda County.


Vegetables growing in a garden.

Food Hubs Power ALL IN Eats

The Circular Food Economy works best when coordinated in food hubs

ALL IN Eats urban farmers

Food Entrepreneur Incubation

Dig Deep Farms houses the County’s first Food Hub, and is where we’re incubating new food businesses in the County. This commercial kitchen can be rented on a single-use basis for cooking/food production, packaging, or events/demonstrations, including personal cooking classes or group test kitchens, or for longer term food storage.

We’re also creating demand from institutional buyers for foods that are lightly-processed (think diced, sliced, and spiraled veggies), and that means we’re building support for the expansion of local farms and healthy food entrepreneurs within the Circular Food economy.


Food As Medicine Compilation

Food As Medicine is designed to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, reduce individual and household food insecurity, and reduce healthcare utilization. Produce from our regenerative agriculture farms is brought into food hubs to compile into ‘food prescription’ bags for distribution to Food As Medicine patients.

Food Recovery Organization

The Alameda County Food Recovery Project is a food recovery and redistribution program managed in partnership with StopWaste and Peralta Services Corporation and the food hub is essential for this work as well. Based on the reputation we’ve earned as an ALL IN partner, multiple county agencies and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors are counting on the food hub as a linchpin for large scale food recovery.

Connect Your Food Hub to ALL IN Eats

ALL IN Eats is seeking to identify and map other aggregation hubs across the county. Contact Maryruth Belsey Priebe ( if you have a commercial food kitchen that can be rented or used for this purpose! If you are interested in using the DSAL Food Hub, please contact Teddy Bekele.

Learn More About the Full Circular Food Economy

Using sustainable farming methods to grow healthy food – including food for Food As Medicine prescriptions – that nourishes the planet and climate change goals.

Food entrepreneur incubation and support for local vendors to create prepared meals and lightly processed produce (sliced/diced for institutional buyers).

Pick-up of produce, recovered food, and prepared foods for transport to the Food Hub, and then delivery of all foods to Food As Medicine recipients and families within the community.

Redirecting edible food to those who are food insecure and composting inedible food on local farms for reintegration into the land.

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