We’re pleased to report that ALL IN Eats – through Dig Deep Farms – has recently acquired 80+ acres of new farm land! The first 10 acres are on a Masonic-owned property in Union City, and thanks to a government grant, a well will soon be established to get the water flowing. Additionally, East Bay Regional Parks District Board recently voted to make Dig Deep Farms the steward of 70 acres of Ardenwood Historic Farm land! The previous farmers have begun to relocate their equipment and Dig Deep Farm Managers Sasha Shankar and Troy Horton are preparing to get their regenerative agriculture system up and running there as well. 


Many thanks to Supervisor Valle for his support in helping bring the Masonic-owned property online and being a critical advocate for the Ardenwood parcel of land. We’re also grateful for the support from the Alameda County Probation Department in referring people to transitional workforce placements within the food system, many of whom will be working at these new farm sites where they’ll learn to become farmers on their own land.

Speaking of which, in the weeks and months ahead, we will be looking for ways to partner with BIPOC farmers in the county to expand the regenerative agricultural production on these two parcels. If you or a farmer you know is interested in participating in our regenerative agriculture farmer collective, please get in touch with Sasha Shankar (sshankar@digdeepfarms.com) or Troy Horton (thorton@digdeepfarms.com)!

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