On Friday, June 26, the Board of Supervisors approved our $6.8M budget ask. We plan to use the $4.6M farming allotment for the Ardenwood and Masons Farms. This includes staffing and startup costs, such as equipment, irrigation set up, seed and soil inputs. This also will provide opportunities for BIPOC farmers, especially Black farmers, to have access to land for farming. The remaining $2.2M will be used to support the expansion of regional food hubs across the county. Our goal is to partner with local organizations to have a food hub in every region that will support localized food recovery and distribution efforts and provide commercial kitchen space to support our growing number of food entrepreneurs, ultimately serving those in need and aiding in local economic development opportunities.

We’re so grateful to Supervisors Chan and Haubert for signing the letter in support of the ask and all the Supervisors for their unanimous support of our budget request. We are now one large step closer to making our vision of a Circular Food Economy a reality!