ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy


Getting Good Food to Where It’s Needed

It’s one thing to create the beneficial foods that people need to live healthy lives, but if those with food insecurities and diet-related health challenges don’t have access to good food, neither the County nor its residents will benefit from the work already being done within the ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy. That’s where the Distribution component of this model comes in.



Circulating Food Throughout the Community

Tracking the flows of food from farm to hub to table and beyond.

ALL IN Eats urban farmers

Delivering Farm Produce & Prepared Meals

ALL IN Eats distribution work enables Alameda County residents to receive and benefit from the foods created by our Farmer Collective and local Food Entrepreneurs, as well as food generated through our Food Recovery network.

Creating Living Wage Work to Re-Entry Employees

ALL IN Eats distribution team is made up of hard-working re-entry employees who receive living wages as  drivers who pick up farm produce for Food As Medicine, prepared meals, and recovered food and redistribute it to local residents. We’re working on several initiatives to fund and expand these living wage jobs. 


Generating Significant Health Benefits

It’s at the ALL IN Eats distribution phase that Alameda County residents get the full benefit of consuming the healthy foods prepared locally –  and that means serious health improvements for diet-related diseases like diabetes and hypertension, greater productivy for food recipients, and medical savings for everyone.

Learn More About the Full Circular Food Economy

Using sustainable farming methods to grow healthy food – including food for Food As Medicine prescriptions – that nourishes the planet and climate change goals.

Bring together all aspects of the food system – farm produce, recovered food, prepared meals – for organization into food bundles for the food insecure.

Food entrepreneur incubation and support for local vendors to create prepared meals and lightly processed produce (sliced/diced for institutional buyers).

Redirecting edible food to those who are food insecure and composting inedible food on local farms for reintegration into the land.

Join Us!

If your organization has vehicle or driver capacity and you’d like to get involved, please contact Patrick Eiser (

If your organization is having delivery or logistical challenges, please reach out to Maryruth Belsey-Priebe (

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