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Tested-Delicious Recipes

Turn your Food As Medicine produce and other ingredients into healthy meals with these tested-delicious recipes from Alameda County Public Health!

Food Assistance

Looking for fresh, local farm produce and prepared meals? If you’re seeking access to healthy food, use our Food Aid Sign-Up page to get in touch. 

Food As Medicine

Food As Medicine (FAM) is designed to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, reduce individual and household food insecurity, and reduce healthcare utilization. Food as Medicine goes beyond dietary health, targeting improvement in diet-related health outcomes and reduction in the incidence of depression and social isolation, which both have a negative impact on diet-related conditions.

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ALL IN Eats is actively working on building a mobile app and online ordering system to connect Alameda County residents with an affordable food delivery system – sourced from local Food Entrepreneurs, Farmers, and our Food Recovery system.

So Many Ways to Access Food through ALL IN Eats

Alameda County is adjacent to one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world. More than half of the fruits and vegetables grown in the United States come from our Central Valley, which is less than an hour’s drive away. Our community is also home to some of the most creative chefs and Food Entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.

However, food insecurity and related economic and health challenges are prevalent in Alameda County, particularly in East and West Oakland, parts of Hayward, and unincorporated Ashland/Cherryland. Unemployment, crime, incarceration and parole rates, and chronic health issues are higher in these communities as well, perpetuating the cycle of poverty, poor health, and lack of economic opportunity.

Images courtesy of: Jeff Sheldon & Social.Cut

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