LoCal Foodz is a healthy meal delivery service company that provides fully-cooked, fresh and healthy meals that are delivered locally around the bay area and shipped within California.

They believe that health eating varies from person-to-person so we allow our customers to customize their meal plans to fit their needs. Example: Chicken breast 6 oz, Brown Rice 4 oz, Broccoli 4 oz. Our website/app allows the customer to view full nutritional facts labels as they’re building their meals. (Here’s a link to our customized meals menu )They also offer a variety of other signature entrees and meal plans to make the healthy eating convenient and easy.

Our mission is to make the world a healthier place. In tandem to producing meals, we’ve been working on producing quality content on healthy eating and lifestyle. The blog cover variety of topics on a holistic healthy living . Everything from tracking your meals to decision fatigue.

We recently launched our mobile app and is available on iOS and Android devices


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