ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy


For ALL IN Eats, Food Processing is Code for Food Entrepreneurs!

A crucial component of our ALL IN Eats model is our network of local food entrepreneurs who turn farm produce into healthy meals for Alameda County residents.


Why We Support Local Food Businesses

Keeping economies and delicious food creation local.

ALL IN Eats urban farmers

Demand that Supports Farms

Commercial kitchens and food hubs are ideal spaces in which to convert locally- and sustainably-grown produce into chopped, sliced, diced, and spiraled vegetables for major anchor institutional buyers like hospitals, schools, and conference centers.

Good Food Economy Jobs

We are working with the food entrepreneurs who currently prepare meals for COVID relief to be ready to produce medically-supportive meals (MSMs) once various bills that support food as a covered benefit are passed at the local, state, and national levels. MSMs will dramatically improve the health of thousands of Alameda County residents and support local food businesses. COMING SOON!

CalFresh EBT Payments

We are working on ways for Calfresh recipients to use their EBT funds to purchase healthy prepared meals, farm produce, and more through ALL IN Eats. This will support our local food entrepreneur community and County residents with healthy food options. COMING SOON!

Learn More About the Full Circular Food Economy

Using sustainable farming methods to grow healthy food – including food for Food As Medicine prescriptions – that nourishes the planet and climate change goals.

Bring together all aspects of the food system – farm produce, recovered food, prepared meals – for organization into food bundles for the food insecure.

Pick-up of produce, recovered food, and prepared foods for transport to the Food Hub, and then delivery of all foods to Food As Medicine recipients and families within the community.

Redirecting edible food to those who are food insecure and composting inedible food on local farms for reintegration into the land.

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