ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy


Transforming Edible Food Waste

The Recover component of the ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy brings the cycle of our food system full circle. Designing food waste out of our ALL IN Eats model is as important as all of the other steps within this Circular Food Economy as we close the loop and ensure the County can reap the health, environmental, and economic benefits from what would otherwise go to the landfill.


Giving New Life to Food Waste

This is where food that otherwise would have gone to waste is reborn as something new

ALL IN Eats urban farmers

Reviving Edible Foods to Prevent Food Waste

The FAO estimates that one-third of all food is wasted – that’s $1 trillion of lost nutrients in the US and a major cost to regions like Alameda County! Much of this food is still very edible, so our ALL IN Eats Re-Entry Drivers and Farmacists rescue those foods from grocery stores, restaurants, and schools and redistribute it to those who need it.

Recycling Food into Nourishing Compost

The food that cannot be rescued for redistribution still has a role to play in our ALL IN Eats circular food economy! Any food that is no longer edible is recycled back into the soils of our regenerative farms to bring our system full circle – food waste nourishing food growth. Now that’s a virtuous cycle!

Learn More About the Full Circular Food Economy

Using sustainable farming methods to grow healthy food – including food for Food As Medicine prescriptions – that nourishes the planet and climate change goals.

Bring together all aspects of the food system – farm produce, recovered food, prepared meals – for organization into food bundles for the food insecure.

Food entrepreneur incubation and support for local vendors to create prepared meals and lightly processed produce (sliced/diced for institutional buyers).

Pick-up of produce, recovered food, and prepared foods for transport to the Food Hub, and then delivery of all foods to Food As Medicine recipients and families within the community.

Join Us!

If you are a recovered food generator and are looking for a way to feed your edible or compostable food into the ALL IN Eats system, please get in touch with Patrick Eiser (

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