ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy


Building a Circular Food Economy that recirculates food within a closed system

Preventing Food Waste 

The ALL IN Eats Circular Food Economy comes full circle when we recover edible food for redistribution and encourage the composting of non-edible food waste. It’s also a central component to the County’s climate emissions reduction goals. As such, we’re scaling up our Food Recovery Operation, which is focused on fighting hunger and meeting the County’s sustainability goals for reducing organic waste and carbon emissions.

ALL IN Eats Food Recovery

Reclaiming Resources within Our Food System

SB1383 is a new Ordinance that requires certain businesses, institutions, and multi-family properties to reduce the amount of recyclable and organic solid wastes deposited in landfills.

We’re working with food waste producers to help them prevent food waste by rescuing fresh, edible surplus produce from farmer’s markets, schools, municipalities, and produce wholesalers and delivering this food to low-income families throughout Alameda County.

ALL IN Eats urban farmers

Partner as a Food Recovery Producer

If you are a food producer with excess food and would like to become part of our food recovery pipeline, please email Teddy Bekele for more information or sign up as a recovered food producer.

Become a Recovered Food Recipient Partner

Is your organization looking to incorporate recovered food into your food distribution system? Please fill out our recovered food recipient form to find out more how to get involved in this aspect of ALL IN Eats.

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