Every month ALL IN Eats community hosts a monthly meeting to create a safe space for people to collaborate their work, share their ideas, and find their space in the Circular Food Economy. We engage on topics ranging from filling service gaps, inclusivity of new faces, and most importantly, how we can learn from each other.

This month’s meeting surrounded topics such as trying to include young adults into the Circular Food Economy by creating a streamline process to include high school age children into internships and possible career paths for them to follow. This will help give many post-high school graduates a sense of direction, support and community after they graduate. This does not mean that we only have schoolchildren in our minds, but we aim to incorporate formerly incarcerated persons in order to help give them the same support we hope to give our post-graduates by helping them secure gainful employment in the Circular Food Economy.

We also discussed activism in our community and where to focus lobbying and petitioning efforts to sway legislators in favor of creating a Circular Food Economy by basing it off the needs of the constituency.

Next Meeting is 5/20/21!

Listed below are the meeting notes for each of our breakout rooms. Or alternatively, watch the whole video here or read the meeting minutes here.

ALL IN Eats Working Group Meetings are open to ALL IN Eats Partners. Get in touch with allineats@acgov.org to find out how to join us.

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